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Women are powerful and capable of making informed choices
about their bodies and their health!
Birth is normal, not an illness. It is a right of passage and many women realize their greatness and strength as they experience this journey into motherhood, supported emotionally and physically, in a safe and peaceful environment.
I believe that every woman can find PEACE as she becomes educated, informed, and empowered to make choices about her health and the birth of her child.
When I prepared for the birth of my first baby, I became fascinated with natural birth and veraciously studied natural birth. Realizing this as part of my mission in life, I have continued to study all things surrounding birth and raising a healthy and well-educated family for the last 18 years. I subscribe to a comprehensive natural approach in life, incorporating whole foods, herbs, essential oils and homeopathic remedies whenever possible. Healthy diet, lifestyle choices and education help mothers to have healthy, happy pregnancies.
Utah Midwife Amy Olsn
Prenatal, birth, postpartum care and well baby and postpartum exams for birth center and home births are included in my services. 
I have enjoyed learning from many great mentors. While setting up my practice in Utah I attended births with Suzanne Smith (Better Birth Centers) before she retired, Katia L'Ecluyer, Shanlee Robertson and others.
In Las Vegas, I apprenticed with April Kermani Clyde, Certified Nurse Midwife and Dixie Story, Direct Entry Midwife.
​Certifications in neonatal resuscitation (NRP) and CPR maintained.

Amy Olson, CPM, LDEM 

(Certified Professional Midwife, Utah Licensed Direct Entry Midwife)

Wife: mom of 6 vibrant, naturally (hospital and home) birthed children.


Services Offered:

  • Birth center services

  • Home birth

  • Labs

  • Birth education

  • doTerra Aroma Touch Massage

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