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Home Birth & Birth Center is a Safe Option

With the "abundant caution" taken in all of our lives to avoid the spread of this very contagious Corona Virus-- know that you have many choices for your birth. It is essential to feel safe, be able to have supportive family and friends in attendance and know that you are not being introduced to new and unknown bacteria and virus.

Consider having a home birth (or birth center birth). In your home you are already immune to germs in your own environment. You will be watched over and supported in your labor and birth by midwives prepared for emergent situations. Then after birthing your beautiful child, you will be supported, checked and gently tucked into bed, filled with nutritious food, warm blankets and left to sleep and nurse and recover. You have your midwives direct number to call if any concerns arise, and she will check in with you, in your home, to be sure you and baby are safe and healthy.

Just imagine.... a peaceful birth.

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