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Nutrition During Pregnancy

Your Nutrition is Essential During Pregnancy and Beyond!

Standard Process Supplements

Basic Pregnancy & Post Partum Protocols

Morning Sickness -

Primarily the result of

compromised digestion 

To control Vomiting:  

Phosfood Liquid - 15 drops in water as often as needed

Sick but not vomiting: 
6 A-f Betafood
6 Zypan
6 Multizyme


If condition persists, add one at a time until cleared:
6 Cholacol
6 Choline
6 Cataplex G
6 Inositol

Basic Daily Nutrition

General Wellness Health Pack

Folic Acid B12

Fatigue, Anxiety or Depression

Adrenal Health Pack

Min Chex


Adrenal Desiccated

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