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Birth Stories

A great experience with lots of love and help! I will not change anything and I will have a natural birth again. Just as Amy told me, I know that women are strong. Just trust your body and what you think is best for you and your baby. I encourage you to have a drug-free delivery!

March 11, 2019

I was pregnant with my first baby when I met Amy. I looked for a midwife online and I contacted Amy. She was so kind and helpful. She was the perfect match for me. She helped me deliver a healthy and drug-free baby.

During 9 months, I was healthy and working full time; I know I was lucky! I’m almost never sick and I try to have a healthy life. Working full time didn’t give me enough time or energy to exercise, but I followed the Bradley method and tried to have a lot of protein and nutrients in my diet to be healthy and have a healthy baby. All my blood results were good. I also did some specific exercises for pregnant women, we learned in the Bradley method class to prepare my body for delivery.

My husband and I were not ready for such a fast labor. 10 minutes after leaving my friend’s house, we were home and still timing contractions that were still 30 sec long every 2 minutes. The rest between each contraction was so short that I felt overwhelmed. I expected the contractions to start gradually from 20 mins apart down to 3 minutes apart, which is the time to leave to the birthing center. In 30 minutes, the contractions lengthened from 30 second to 60-70 seconds and were still 2 minutes apart. We left for the birthing center on Amy’s advice. It was around 5.30pm.

The labor was so hard on me, and I didn’t want to lay or move to the bed or bathtub. I was standing and leaning on the room’s sink. I just needed wet wipes and water to help me feel better. The midwives just had time to prepare everything, remove my leggings and socks, and they offered me the birthing chair. I already started to feel the urge to push and just let my body do the pushing not knowing what was happening. I hardly sat on the chair and did a few pushes. I really didn’t know where was the baby, I was just tired and pushing. I also felt this burning sensation around the perineum area, was the baby “crowning”?

Pitocin and No Epidural!

"I don't know what we would have done without Amy!"

Coming from Burundi, Africa, I had only the support of my sweet sister in America, my husband, and three children were still in Africa. Amy provided all my prenatal care in the months prior to delivery. When labor started, I spent the long day climbing stairs. Contractions lasting all day and into the night, I went to the hospital at midnight, only to find I was dilated to a 4. I stayed at the hospital and eventually they administered Pitocin. Hoping to have a "natural birth" Amy supported me in labor with lots of massage, hip and back counterpressure, many trips to the bathroom and changing position as often as possible. Even when I felt like I was ready for medication, we talked about all the options and I was able to readjust and refocus with additional support. Having a baby in America was much different that what I was used to in Africa. Amy was just what my sister and I needed. She explained what we could expect, what options we had and gave all the support I needed to have a Pitocin birth - but no drugs or epidural! We couldn't have done it without her!

JC' Birth

"We loved having Amy at our birth. She made us feel supported and calm during our birthing time. Amy provided excellent care and attention to my needs by offering encouragement and physical support."

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