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Fast Births- a blessing?

Having had a fast birth myself- (and long births too) I can absolutely relate to the exhilaration and fear that comes with realizing the midwife isn’t going to make it.

I enjoyed this this podcast (listen to or read) where a first time mom shares her experience. Her midwife lives 2 hours away- wow! Thankfully, I live within 30 minutes of my clients and haven’t missed a birth yet- even the fast ones!

There is a trade off with fast births- they are intense fast! There’s no easing into labor contractions. They hit, and they hit fast and long! I found peace knowing the end was in site sooner than later, and that my body is made to do this. No one else has to ‘deliver’ my baby. My body knows exactly what to do. (It’s the challenging birth that need extra interventions from our amazing medical system.)

In fact, on my last birth, as I lay on my left side trying to delay the birth, my sweet mother suggested, “You know if you just squat on the floor you‘ll have the baby and you’ll be done.”

I did roll off the bed, squat on the floor and my son popped right out and bounced his little bottom off the floor because he was so slippery. (I’m grateful to midwives who have lots of practice catching slippery babies when mom or dad isn’t ready to.)

And we lived happily ever after (and I decided to become a midwife a few year later)!!!

Natural births are amazing!


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