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Centering Mothers with Support, Community, and Wisdom

This is a great episode about the empowerment found in natural birth!

The US, known for medical progress, is facing higher maternal mortality rates than almost any western country, and too many women don’t get the birth experience they hoped for.

Enter my guest, the amazing Chanel Porchia Albert, founder of Ancient Song Doula Services, who is here to chat with us about breaking barriers and bringing doula care to everyone. Get ready to learn about doulas' impact on birth, bridging gaps in healthcare, and making sure all birthing people have the support they deserve.

In this episode Chanel opens up about how becoming a mother boosted her confidence as a birth activist, motivating her to empower others, shares some fun details about her meeting with the Vice President of the United States, and we talk all about:

  • What inspired Chanel to become a doula

  • The importance of emotional, physical, and info support through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum

  • The wide range of support offered by full-spectrum doulas

  • How doulas and midwives create a super support system for pregnant individuals, combining their strengths for a smoother birth journey

  • Tips for finding affordable options for doula care and how to interview doulas to find the right fit for YOU

  • Chanel's take on universal policies for maternal healthcare

  • The importance of finding joy in birth

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