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Peaceful Birth Midwifery

Amy Olson,
Licensed Midwife

Peaceful Birth Midwifery

Amy Olson  Licensed Midwife
Desi Wightman, Certified Professional Midwife

Providing Concierge Home Births

Empowering Mothers and families to achieve the natural birth they desire.
Salt Lake & Utah County midwives

Home Birth

Natural home birth is such empowering experiences! With us, you will receive the support and education you need to make informed decisions concerning your entire pregnancy and birth experience.

Prenatal appointments are scheduled for 25 mins, as needed, to support both first time mom's and experienced moms (who often need  quick check-ins less often). We create a personalized scheduled based on your needs.

Interested in studies about out-of-hospital birth?

Click Here

Pregnancy Nutrition

Nutrition for you and your baby are an essential part of your prenatal and postpartum care. Amy and her assistant at Peaceful Birth Midwifery have extensive training and personal experience implementing nutrition into their daily lives- during pregnancy and beyond!

While we are grateful for hospitals and medicines, with our own families, when possible, we turn to essential oils, herbs, natural anti-biotics, whole foods/supplements and exercise to build our immune systems and maintain a healthy, happy homes.

Click here for access to amazing supplements.

Postpartum Care

With so many women struggling with anxiety, postpartum depression  and other postpartum challenges, planning and preparing for your postpartum experience is essential!

Peaceful Birth Midwifery will give the support needed with an in home visit after you have the baby, planning and preparing for the postpartum period is just one of the important topics discussed during your appointments.

We offer access to  top quality supplements when needed as well.

Birth Doula

If desired,  one of my birth assistants will gladly provide doula support  during your delivery once you are in active labor.

We want you to have the birth you desire as you learn about all of your birthing options and choose what's best for you and your family.

Lactation Support

Nursing a newborn, while natural and intended can be challenging, especially for first-time moms.

Receive support, assistance, patience and understanding as you and your newborn work and learn together. We also are happy to refer a lactation consultant to you for additional expert education & care.

Birth Education & Choice

Evidence-based education is essential to making informed choices about your pregnancy & birth. We provide as much education as you desire. Bring your questions to every appointment, we will discuss them and provide resources to help.


In every situation its important to measure risk v. benefit when considering what is best for you and your baby.

"Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear."

- Jane Weideman



Amy's support has been incredible. I am ever grateful to her for helping us bring our 2 daughters into this world.
This go around was wonderful. I feel more empowered as a woman, a person and as a mother.
I trust my instincts more and I am able to mother my trio in the way that they need while being able to NOT lose myself as an individual.
It's like I can have it all."
— Soni, Free-lance Writer, English Teacher & Mother of 3

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