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Twins- safely born naturally!

This is a beautiful birth story of how twins can be born naturally and safely. This mom was a client of mine at the very beginning of her pregnancy where we discovered she was having twins! It was amazing to use my mini Ultra Sound Machine and see two complete amniotic sacs with beautiful babies swimming around in them. What a surprise!

This sweet family moved away and for financial reasons choose a hospital birth - beautifully and naturally and healthy!

The following is her story in her own words:

✨Born 02/13/20 @ 20:18 & 20:24✨

✨B I R T H - ST O R Y ✨

Oh man, where to begin? It was quite the last few weeks leading up to this evening. Many nights of inconsistent contractions that kept us wondering “is this the real deal? Should We start taking these serious”? And then them leaving us “let down” (though we know in the long haul we were very grateful they grew as long as they did). Exhaustion would be an understatement at this point. Ribs, back, and pelvic pain were as real as can be.

On this morning I was feeling like I had a little bit of motivation to actually get ready for the day. I got a shower in, and took the time to put a face on😂 without the motivation of “having to go anywhere” that was forcing me to do so.

Early in the morning I started cramping inconsistently, but of course as I’ve felt these for a few weeks, I rolled my eyes and considered it just another day of “fake labor.” 1:30pm hit and things started to progress enough to where I began wondering if labor was going to come in the next FEW days. I was feeling somewhat hopeful.

Elric came home and took the kids to go get some valentines stuff and brought home my all time pregnancy crave (Taco Bell) but at this point I wasn’t quite feeling an appetite and trying to endure some somewhat painful contractions that started to maintain their consistency .

I knew that if I was turning on music and using a contraction app, they were becoming serious enough to consider. (Don’t worry, the Taco Bell did not go to waste😂😉).

About an hour of tracking my contractions I started texting people for possible back ups to watch the kiddos and told Elric to start calling family to see if they could drive up that night just in case.

Immediately, I went into our bathroom and I heard as clear as day a “pop” sound and all of a sudden I felt nothing but major anxiety.

My water breaking usually means I have 30min until baby comes. And as anyone can do the math...15min to drive to the hospital and getting situated in the labor bed/operating room meant we were hardly going to make it 😳.

As I’m shaking out of terror that these babies may come in our car, I yelled down to Elric and told him “I think my water just broke!” (Side note: I’ve never had my water break at home, and two of three of my laboring stories consisted of the doctor breaking my water.)

Our awesome ward member came over literally within a minute (it’s 7:40 pm at this point)🙌🏼 . And Elric somehow managed to get us to the hospital by 7:52 pm. (Also side note: I’ve never prayed so hard for God to keep those babies inside because every bump felt like it was going to knock one of them straight out 😂). Leaving the car parked and running at the entrance of the ER, Elric ran in and got a wheelchair and wheeled me in. Luckily the staff we had were amazing! They got us right back into the labor room no question, where we had our awesome charge nurse who managed to check me (dilated to a 5 and fully effaced...let me tell was definitely not any 5 😂🤣) while I had three nurses trying to get an iv in me as fast as they could (still impressed that they got one in so quickly!). I assured the charge nurse that I may be dilated to a 5 but I was already feeling like I was going to push any minute. Thankfully (she was amazing!!!) she believed me and they didn’t even bother with putting me in a gown and threw Elric his scrubs to put on for the operating room as they quickly started wheeling me down the hospital hallway to the OR. Contractions at this point were definitely a 10. And right as we hit the operating room entrance, I was pushing and baby A came out in matter of seconds onto the bed! 🤣🙈.

Meanwhile Elric is back at the labor room still gowning up as the nurses tell him he can run to the OR- yes little Rune didn’t want to wait for anyone to see him be born 🤣😂🤦‍♀️.

The doctor popped his head in the room asking, “do you guys need me yet?” (Still in his street clothes) And the charge nurse looks over at him and said “Yes, baby A is already here.” He hurries straight into the room gloves up and still only in his street clothes asks if I am ready for him to deliver baby B.

This was the most interesting part of having an unmedicated birth with twins! With a singleton, the most relieving feeling with an unmedicated birth is knowing once that baby is out, all you have to do is push the placenta out and you’re done! The hardest part is over! I always take the deepest breathe of relief when they tell me baby is here! But not this time! All of a sudden I had baby A here and my 0-10 contractions were instantly GONE, yet I looked down at my stomach and half of it is deflated while the other half is still bulging! No pain, but it wasn’t over! I had to deliver the placenta for baby A and then do it all over again with baby B! For some reason those three minutes felt like 10! And I was so grateful the doc gave me a minute to breathe before he reached in and broke baby B’s water. Shortly after Maverick’s water was broken, I went from 0-10 all over again and within a few minutes he was out as well! (Luckily doc got to catch this baby and Elric got to witness one of their births 😂🤣).

Baby B was finally born 6 minutes after Baby A.

So as you can see, I think prayer really was in our favor this go around 🤣. We were blessed with two healthy baby boys who came out crying and never had to touch the NICU. Rune came out weighing 5lb 15oz and Maverick weighed 5lb 13oz (this alone was pretty amazing to have them so close in their weights).

We feel nothing but fortunate for our experience and how it panned out. Now, we are soaking up all those tired nights 🤣 cuddling and loving our additional +2 !

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